It is believed that around 5,000 of the babies conceived in the USA every year, have Down syndrome. The syndrome is named after Dr John Langdon Down who identified the syndrome in 1866. It is caused by an additional duplicate of chromosome 21 in every one of the cells of the body.   The motivation […]

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Symptoms and Emotions

Parents of youngsters with Down syndrome are overflowed with a torrent of emotions. They may encounter disappointment, outrage, despondency, frustration, fear and anxiety. Mothers over the age 35, who have a higher possibility of having an infant with Down syndrome, may encounter blame or self-fault.   These sentiments normally come up, which is the reason […]

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Causes of Down syndrome

What causes Down syndrome in children? A little known fact is that when a baby was born he receives genetic information from his parents under the form of 46 chromosomes, divided, 23 from the mother and 23 from the dad. Down syndrome appears when the child gets 47 instead of the usual number of 46 […]

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